Then one day I woke up, I took full responsibility of where I have been, who I am, where I am going…. I head to my navigation centre, I get to know the functions, settings, gadgets and gizmos. “ooop this is set on going backwords” I am learning, I am growing, I know more than you think and less than I would like. Ok lets update systems. I am working at optimal capability, it seems new knowledge, new food, new environment will bring rapid transformation, healing, growth…. Ok lets go back, I am where I am from yesterdays choices, The choices of yesterday, the impactful ones take time to digest process, and release. I release with forgiveness, from what others have done to I, I ask others find forgiveness, in what I have done to others, take as much time as you need. Jumping to NOW! It seems all I can ever do in a moment, is be open to learning, willing to practice, Have Courage to continue and Compassion to understand. Where am I going? Well, If the pattern continues it seems Everywhere and nowhere, I await a call to adventure, Until then I continue to explore the unknown, where there are no expectations, it seems focus isn’t a priority, any shiny thing that catches the peripheral vision will give you an instant gratifying moment until you head back to the darkness of the unknown, waiting for your call, calling, my path to appear. I take responsibility, I am finding my way, I may never get a call, What I know for sure today, is, I have begun to seek such a path.

Yours faithfully


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