I am Mother Baus, I welcome you.

I would like to start my blog with ONE, why One I hear you ask? One is where everything started (for me anyway), One atom, can become two, two becomes three, so on so forth. When I have started anything, It starts with One, One task that I can develop into two tasks, until One qualifies to have experience in multiple areas, to the point where knowledge is gained to be able too pass on, so One can expand on it.

One day, or day one? This is my day one of many one day’s. One impact can cause such a ripple effect that the shock, trauma and healing process can last generations, depending on the impact. For example, One being human can make something as simple as words cause such an impact postive, negative, weird or wonderful impacts, that can ripple onto your nearest, dearest, the whole area you live in, even as big as the world or possibly the Universe. (Think BIG!)

When One falls as a child, the negative impact will shock one initially, it’s usually a delayed reaction but within seconds,histeria! Depending on the impact it will alert Mum, Dad, siblings and if you are at a family gathering, well! the overwhelming counter reaction of positive impact, Can make one heal at the speed of light! (Try it out at your next family gathering, although do not push your child or anyone elses child over. One feels clarification is needed). Although If the impact Creates extreme trauma, like a broken bone or something equally as horrendous, the wounds can be felt by everyone who was affected for years to come, you can hear One’s Trauma, wounds, scars in stories, like “remember when you fell and broke your arm, I still remember as if it was yesterday blah blah blah”. depending how vivid or emotional One can get whilst reminiscing, One can tell how far in healing they are. One has the ability to heal, so Why, would one not? If it is your abillity?

What is the effect of Impact? ONE can initially be shocked, shock can leave you feeling disorientated, numb, dazed and confused. Imagine One in shock from a small impact, the symptoms of shock from a small impact may last minutes,hours, days. If not seconds, as quick as they arise, they disappear……Or do they? Interesting things are coming out at how Trauma can effect One’s life. A Topic I highly recommend in looking into If you have ever experienced, Impact physically,emotionally or spiritually. New things are always being discovered, keep up everyone. No being, shall be left without mind, (or behind) alot has been discovered about our world. It’s time we start looking to the stars. (They say i’m a dreamer……but i’m not the only ONE!)

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